Machining of foundation flange surfaces ⌀ 2450 and 2780 mm

Machining scope Machining of two foundation flanges for azimuth thrusters
Scope of performed works Verification measurements before the start of the service task implementation.
Establishing the references for setting the machining tools and setting the skew and angular deviation for the mutual positioning of drain holes.
Machining of two foundations for the purpose of legalisation of top mating surfaces with a diameter between ⌀ 2450 and 2780 mm. Surface roughness tolerance: Ra 3.2 - 12.5. Flatness tolerance 0.2 mm.
Laying out the effective diameter and boring 60 openings with a diameter of ⌀ 39 mm.
Verification measurements after performing a service task (final measurements).
Technology The verification measurements were performed using a Laica electronic tachymeter. The angular position of the foundations and the relations between the foundations were verified before the machining.
The machining works were performed using the Climax FF 8200 flange lathe.
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