The NGLMachining company was founded as an answer to the market demand expecting mobile machining services while maintaining the performance tolerance regime. Our goal is to find an alternative to stationary machining, eliminating the need to disassemble and transport the machined component. We focused our efforts primarily on innovation and non-typicality of applied solutions, as well as the timeliness and the performance precision.
The technical and process solutions we offer found applications in these industry branches, where the dimensions and accessibility of structural elements were a problem in the repair-manufacturing technology. The elimination of transport costs, while expanding service simultaneously, enabled us to perform production tasks significantly faster and, in case of failure, to restore continuity of the production faster.
In order to develop and improve our services, we continually expand our machine park and improve qualifications of our team. By modifying and expanding our offer, we respond to the constantly growing and changing needs as well as requirements of our Customers. (read more...)

Services for industry

Tasks presented to us by the industry become more and more unusual and complicated. Until recently, some of them were impossible to perform or were a logistic and economical challenge. The opportunities offered to us by mobile machining today are virtually limitless. Combination of technology with skills and experience of operators and measurement teams allows us to perform even the most complicated projects. We work at the construction and maintenance operations in power distribution companies, chemical and food industries, in the construction of steel structures and ships.
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We reach with our services not only Polish companies, but also the foreign ones. We are everywhere, where the machining is difficult and requires non-standard solutions.

Industries serviced

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Precise geometric measurements
A critical component of most of service - machining operations performed by our company are the geometrical measurements. Laser and optical setting of boring machines and the inspection of surface flatness is performed using top class measurement devices. Instruments manufactured by Taylor&Hobson, Laica or Easy Laser are used during all our service projects. That is why we are able to maintain the highest quality of work and the required metrological self control.
Wide scope of services
The characteristics of the machining industry require experience in the wide spectrum of workshop mechanics and metrology. As we offer our services to Customers from various industries, we feel obliged to hire the best experts. Regeneration works performed on maritime internal combustion engines, water power plants or steam turbines require a narrow technical specialisation of the employed staff. The technical advisory allows us to find the optimum solution for every repair.
High quality
The quality of our service has always been the top priority. We achieve the highest quality by precision and accuracy as well as our constant pursuit to improve our skills and the qualifications of our employees. We use our own machine park including the equipment provided by the renowned manufacturers Climax® and Chris Marine®. We do not avoid cooperation which allows for joint completion of projects. We are open for cooperation and prepared to handle new challenges.