• steel pipes, pipelines, tanks
  • internal and external corrosion
  • chemical and/or mechanical wear
  • complex geometries: arches, tees, Venturi tubes, flanges
  • refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, water systems, etc.


  • fast and cost-effective repair solutions
  • increased pipe life-time even by 20 years
  • lack of necessity to dismantle the system and shut it down
  • no costs related to downtime and production losses
  • in-situ repairs at the location of the corrosion
  • solutions adapted to specific applications on a case-by-case basis

Loctite® Composite Pipe Repair Systems applier

Loctite® Composite Repair System

Simple method of extending the pipe life-time by 20 years

NGLMachining Sp. j. is a certified applier of Loctite® products and executes repairs of piping systems directly at the location of the corrosion / defect (in-situ pipe repair). The solutions deriving from the Loctite® Composite Repair System used by us allow for a fast and cost-effective pipe repair method without the need to dismantle (replace) them. We reinforce and seal systems intended for operation in high pressure and temperature, as well as increased chemical resistance conditions. The surface engineering solutions used by us are based on applying epoxy coatings and allow for restoring, repairing and protecting the infrastructure in the shortest time possible without the need to shut down the system and generate production losses. The solutions used by us are an alternative for traditional, costly repair methods by creating new opportunities in the overhaul and production processes.

System certified by DNV in accordance with the ISO/TS 24817 standard.