About the Company

By analysing the market requirements in great detail we are able to provide solutions that best suit the actual needs. Our endeavours focus on the innovative nature of our solutions, timeliness and the precision of our works. Our goal is to provide highest quality repair services, while maintaining strict tolerances. The ability to meet those goals translates directly into the dynamic development of our company.

Our experienced personnel, professionalism and precision of operation were the foundations of our company's success measured by the number of satisfied customers and the number of completed projects. Currently we provide our services to companies from the shipbuilding, steel, power, chemical and mining industries for which the mobility and quick response of our services provides financial and time savings. We provide services to companies in Poland and abroad. We are present wherever the machining process is particularly difficult and requires non-standard solutions.

We constantly strive to develop and improve our services: we add new equipment to our machine park and we improve the qualifications and skills of our personnel. We continue to broaden our offer to meet the increasing and ever changing demands of our customers.