Chemical/petroleum industry

Specific conditions at the premises of petrochemical plants require us to apply a series of solutions, so that the machining process is conducted in a way that is efficient and safe. Most of our machines, thanks to their modular design and the ability to operate in applications with hydraulic and/or pneumatic drive can be used in active production facilities. Keeping the efficiency of chemical installations forming a maze of pipelines, valves, pumps, tanks is a real challenge for maintenance departments. Most of the repair work, the planned and unplanned ones, is carried out at heights, usually in a limited space. In just such places, the solutions offered by our service team providing mobile services turn out to be ideal. In relation to the type of machining, the specificity and conditions prevailing in a particular plant, we develop and then implement a repair methodology. Very often it is very unusual, and sometimes even innovative. The goal is always the same; the restoration of the efficiency of the installation in the shortest possible time, with the implementation of the least amount of logistics operations.

Machining works for modernisation of industrial systems:

  • Chamfering of pipelines,
  • Legalisation of mating surfaces in flanged joints,
  • Regeneration machining of valve faces,
  • Corrective machining of openings,
  • Removal of damaged pins,
  • Regeneration of threads,
  • Milling grooves for splineways.

Machining of auxiliary equipment:

  • Regeneration works related to heat exchangers,
  • Regeneration of water pump and compressor bodies,
  • Coaxial boring of bearing seats in machines,
  • Milling of machine and industrial equipment foundations,
  • Legalisation of rotation bearing seat foundations.