Steel and mining industry


Our services provided for the steel and mining industries include repair works involving restoration of efficiency of given devices and installations as soon as possible.
Unless our service is the part of the planned overhaul downtime, we execute every machining on the site of a failure, even if, in practice, this means more difficult execution conditions. We always try to treat this type of events with priority, knowing that the continuity of the production in a given plant depends on the speed and effectiveness of our service's operation.
We constantly expand and modernise our machine park by, among others, a number of non-standard applications allowing to work in conditions of difficult access and confined space. Knowing the requirements and expectations of the maintenance departments, we strive to be constantly prepared to implement even the most unusual projects.
Machining works related to repair of industrial machines and devices:
  • Machining works related to regeneration of belt conveyors,
  • Machining of seats of drive wheels ,
  • Modernisation of excavation machines,
  • Regeneration of water pump and compressor bodies,
  • Coaxial boring of bearing seats in machines,
  • Milling of machine and industrial equipment foundations,
  • Legalisation of rotation bearing seat foundations in large-size structures.

Regeneration of industrial installations:
  • Chamfering of pipelines,
  • Legalisation of mating surfaces in flanged joints,
  • Regeneration machining of valve faces,
  • Corrective machining of openings,
  • Removal of damaged pins,
  • Regeneration of threads,
  • Milling grooves for splineways.