In-situ machining

The scope of services we provide is very broad and expands beyond the general spectrum of machining. By being able to reach the machined element (by installing the machining device on the workpiece) we are able to provide new production and overhaul technology. We have a machine park that together with the appropriate work methodology (sometimes non typical and innovative) we are able to perform tasks that until recently were only possible to perform using stationary machines.
During execution of works in the field of mobile machining, we use specialised, portable machines designed for confined spaces. Mobile boring machines, milling machines, and lathes used by us are characterised by a compact and modular structure. This equipment has been designed for work in harsh conditions, using a drive system allowing to deliver optimum power with respect to the load proportion.
The machining method used by us, applying mobile cutting machines, is basically identical as in the case of stationary machinery, but includes a number of basic differences. This is us who reach the machined workpiece with the machining equipment, not the reverse.

 precyzyjne-pomiary-laserowe  mobilne-wytaczanie-otworow  mobilna-obrobka-polaczen-kolnierzowych
Precise laser and optical measurements:
  • laser measurement of machine coaxial positioning,
  • laser geometrical measurements of flatness, straightness, parallelism.
Boring of openings using portable machines:
  • legalisation of internal diameters,
  • facing of face surfaces,
  • coaxial boring of bearing seats and self-aligning joints.
Mobile machining of flange connections and foundations:
  • machining of azimuth thruster foundations,
  • machining of bearing seats,
  • facing of mating surfaces in flanged joints.
 mobilne-frezowanie-plaszczyzn  regeneracja-maszyn-i-urzadzen-okretwych  mobilna-regeneracja-zaworow
Mobile machining of surfaces:
  • machining of machine foundations,
  • milling of large size structure surfaces.
Regeneration of maritime machines and devices:
  • regeneration works related to steering systems in vessels,
  • machining works related to maritime internal combustion engines (regeneration of mating surfaces for cylinder liners, boring/regeneration of valve timing bearing seats, removal of damaged pins).
Regeneration of valves:
  • polishing the valve faces,
  • facing the mating surfaces,
  • machining of sealing surfaces while maintaining the geometry of the system.

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